Same Day Delivery

Whether you have a scheduled pick-up or an On-Demand request, the team members at Vital-Pak are here to help under any circumstances. Call toll free 855-872-5669 to discuss your courier requirements with a Logistics Coordinator or simply click the QUICK QUOTE button below and a team member will contact you. We don't just promise a your product will arrive, we back it up and guarantee it or your fee is discounted or forgiven completely. OUR GUARANTEE

Route Services

Whether it's coordinating inter-office mail, picking up mail from your PO Box, or completing routine deliveries to and from clients, allow the licensed and insured couriers of Vital-Pak handle these mundane tasks. Please call toll free 855-872-5669 to speak with a Route Specialist or email us at

Order Fulfillment & Warehousing

The Vital-Pak Corporation has become a key logistics provider in the fulfillment, kitting, storage and value added arenas. Strategically located in the Chicagoland area (Midwest), we are a smart solution for housing and shipping your valuable products at very economic rates with average 1-3 day shipping times to most states domestically.

For more information :  Chicago Order Fulfillment and Warehousing

Same Day Deliveries - Call 855-872-5669

Delivery Services Offered

On Demand: 1-2 Hour Delivery - Direct Shot

Standard: 2-4 Hour

Ecomomy: By 5 pm

Hot Shot: Long Distance - Direct - No Stops

Route Services

Use your time wisely, especially that of your employees. Allow our trusted and secure couriers handle your daily mundane tasks.

  • PO Box Retrievel
  • Inter-Office Mail
  • Daily or Weekly Routine Deliveries

Call toll free 855-872-5669 or email to tell us where we can be of help.

Order Fulfillment and Warehousing

We pride ourselves as being one of Chicagoland's key order fulfillment, pack and ship centers. Located strategically outside of Chicago, and within 15 minutes of 2 major International airports, our Ship Center has unmatched turnaround times and is capable of late in the day releases second to none. If you'd like to discuss your storage and fulfillment needs, call and ask for our Order Fulfillment department at 855-872-5669


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